So I have released my second Sublime Text plugin. I always liked the split panes in Sublime Text but sometimes the one I was currently working in, I would want to maximize so I could really focus. The problem was, all I could do was reset it to a single pane view, so when I switched back to a dual column setup again all my files were still in the left pane.

Lets say I was working in File B in the following split pane:

If I switched to a single pane, then back to 2 columns it would be like:

This may seem like a minor annoyance to have to reposition the pane divider to make the right side slightly larger and put File B back over to the right; but do it again and again day after day and this minor annoyance begins to become very annoying.

For a long time I actually just dragged the pane I wanted maximized over like so:

But this eventually got old too and I decided it was time to tackle my next plugin.

The part of the API I needed to accomplish this is undocumented, but luckily there is another Sublime package that deals very closely to the same problem domain. I was able to read the source code and tinker enough to figure out how to solve the problem.

The plugin lets you actually fully maximize a pane, while keeping a snap shot of the last layout so you can easily switch back. just type cmd+shift+enter to toggle back and forth. I used that keyboard shortcut because it does the same thing in iTerm 2.

I also added keyboard shortcuts to jump between maximized panes. To learn more check out the readme.

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